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Update: YouTube, School, Diagnoses, and Fun

So I wanted to do a really quick update. It has been a while, and I am excited to be back at it, this time with a bit more focus. With summer being in full swing, we only have 2 days a week of therapies and not a whole bunch of school work to get done, for that, I am thankful.

So, now for the update:

First thing first We will be picking back up the YouTube Channels this week. We have been crazy busy, but it is time to get back to doing the things that we love, and for 3 out of the 4 of us, that is video.

Look for Brand New videos starting Friday the 6th!!!


School: We have determined that Kira will be going to a brick and mortar public school this year. I have been very apprehensive about this decision, however, it is a thing that needs to happen for all involved.  I will be creating a series on back to school very soon, be on the look-out for that.

Now, on a much more serious note, we are excited to announce that we have received an official Autism diagnosis for miss Kira. This is going to help us be able to get her better therapies and better accommodations in school. This is another reason we decided to go ahead and enroll her in the brick and mortar public school, she will now have a lot more supports in place to help her (and mommy will be able to work while she is in school. Win-Win ).

Now for the FUN!!! We have several BIG things planned. A trip to the lake, a family vacation, a birthday party. You will all get to come along for the ride!!! I plan to do lots of vlogs, in addition to live streams. We are going to work really hard at helping you all, AND creating the community we desired from the beginning.


Please make sure you are subscribed to Journey to the “New Normal” on YouTube, and Ki-Na Kid Vids on YouTube to see our Live Streams. Also, make sure you like our Facebook pages to find out when we will be live streaming.


Looking forward to the rest of 2018.

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