Top 10 Tuesdays: 10 Facts About ADHD

So, I know I haven’t talked much about the Mental Health field lately or the diagnoses this blog surrounds. First of all, in my family, there are quite a bit of mental health diagnoses. For those who are not aware, I was recently diagnosed. My hubby was diagnosed as a child. My oldest is also diagnosed with ADHD as well. Here are some facts.

10 Facts About ADHD/ADD

  1. It is a LIFE-LONG disorder. Contrary to what many people believe, adults can struggle with it just as much as children.
  2.  Not every case of ADHD is the same. In fact. there is no one particular model that it follows.
  3. People often use ADHD and ADD interchangeably. However,  ADD usually refers to the inattentive form while ADHD refers to the condition including Hyperactivity.
  4. Women especially, go into adulthood before getting a proper diagnosis. Meds can help adults function the same way they help kids.
  5. Inattentive ADHD can be hard to diagnose. Many children find coping mechanisms to get through school and continue those into adulthood. It can be an incredibly eye-opening event when an older child or adult gets a proper diagnosis.
  6. ADHD is caused by structural, chemical, and connectivity differences in the brain, mostly genetics.
  7. The most effective treatments include a mixture of medication and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Mindfulness-based practices.
  8. In short, ADHD means that the brain is wired differently, and that can mean those with it may think outside the box more often.
  9. Hyper-focus is a part of ADHD. Just as hard as it is to concentrate at times for someone with ADHD, it can be equally as hard to switch gears once focused on something.
  10. ADHD can occur with other diagnoses.  Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, and Autism to name a few. This can make the diagnosis of any of these disorders harder. Because of this delays in the diagnosing process can occur.

For more information check out these sites:

Attention Deficit Disorder Association


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Is there any facts you would add to this list??? Let me know in the comments.

10 Facts about ADHD

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