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Monday Motivation: The Power List

So, here we are, the 2nd Monday of the new year. Have you gotten into the swing of things again after the holidays??? We haven’t, but we are working on it. Today is a bit of me passing on to all of you something that was passed to me. The whole “Pay it Forward”, well, this has helped me so far, so I am going to pass it on.

I was talking to my business bestie, and we were having that conversation about needing to do so many things we didn’t know where to start. She had previously sent me a link to a podcast episode from MFCEO. First off, if you’re asking, yes “MF” does stand for what you may think it’s supposed to stand for, and so my warning goes here now… this is NOT the podcast for the whole family, if children are present, use headphones.  Ok now that that disclaimer is out of the way, I need to add… this is NOT MY content… I am simply passing along what was passed to me… and it really is THAT good,

This episode is well worth listening to in entirety, however this 1 tip is where it’s at… It starts at 38 minutes.

They are talking about The Power List. The Power List is 3-5 actionable steps that will help you accomplish the goals you want to accomplish. It goes like this.

Write the 3-5 things down on paper
Do the things
As you do them cross them off
When you are all done… Mark it with a “W” for Winning.  You have won the day!!!

The next day you will repeat and you will keep repeating until the actions become a habit

Then you can move those things that are habits and put more actionable tasks on the list.

This is an AMAZING way to create momentum.  I won’t give away all of this, but definitely listen to the podcast and get the motivation to Win The Day!!!

What’s on YOUR Power List???

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