Monday Motivation: Feel the Feelings

So, today was ROUGH!!! I was going through some deep DEEP emotional shifts and I will just say it like this, I am happy to be on the other side, finally. It has been an incredible month so far, and I am trying to feel the feelings and energy and then put the work BEHIND the energy to keep stuff moving along. Some days, I just wanna dance party all day… but ain’t nobody got time for that.

So, I want to bring you guys a few lessons I have learned this year so far.

Lesson 1: Embrace the Energy

So I am sure by now you have realized that I do, in fact, believe that life and everything in it is made up of energy. This is something I think most people would agree with in one way or another. (I might be wrong, if you don’t believe in energy, please don’t take offense). So there is positive energy (the dance party all day kind), and then there is negative energy (the sob in your bath robe eating a gallon of ice cream kind) and then there are degrees in between. I think we often want to disregard the energy we feel. This may be because we feel there is more important work to do, or possibly because “we don’t need the negativity”. Fighting this energy, drains you… and in the end, you still end up feeling it. Embrace it, Feel it. Really get into your emotions and feel whatever it is you are feeling. Once you have truly embraced it…

Lesson 2: Journal Everything

Now, this may sound silly, but, you’ll thank me later. Taking the time to write about our feelings and how we can either harness the positive or negative energy in our favor is an AMAZING. Every day, we have the choice to get up and make the best of the day, or waste the day and the energy from it. When we choose to feel our feelings and then write about them to help give us direction in how we should proceed, we see amazing growth

Lesson 3: Move On

Once you have felt the feels and written about it, take a deep breath, and move on. Make a plan to do something you need to do. It could be as easy as doing some housework, or as involved as putting the energy to work on a major project. Then, notice how your mindset starts to shift as you go throughout the day. Does the energy even out some??? I bet it does.

So those are some of the lessons I have been learning so far this year. What lessons have you been learning??? I’d love to hear about them in the comments.

Lessons on Energy & Mindset

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