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Kid Reviews: Kinder Joy (Surprise) Eggs

Are your kids as crazy addicted to YouTube as my girls??? They would watch YouTube ALL DAY every day if I let them. One of the things I love about YouTube though is how you can see videos from different countries and cultures. One thing has remained a constant however, those darned Surprise Egg review videos. So, if you have kids and they have seen any form of YouTube, I’m sure you are aware of those friendly plastic and sometimes play doh covered eggs with fun stuff inside. One of the things we always wanted to review though were the Kinder Surprise Eggs.

A Little Back Story:

So, Kinder Eggs or the Yummy Chocolate Eggs with the surprise toy inside have been banned from the United States for years. The toy inside was thought to be a choking hazard according to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the Consumer Products Safety Commission. Recently Ferrerro announced that they are coming out with the Kinder Joy Egg. Kinder Joy Eggs are similar, but packaged differently, with the toy and food packaged separately.  So, here is our review of Kinder Joy Eggs.

Our Review:

We all got to try the chocolate and gave it a HUGE thumbs up. It is yummy and I would totally buy it without the “surprise” part. The girls did love getting to put the toys together, and they held up fairly well considering. I think the toys are definitely not the main attraction of the Kinder Joy but they are definitely worth trying, even if it’s just once.

Find Kinder Joy at most grocery stores and big box stores. We got ours at Walgreens. Have you tried the Kinder Joy Eggs??? What did you think of them??? If not would you like to try them??? Let me know in the comments.

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