How To: Create an Amazing Vision Board to Reach Your Goals

Vision boards are an amazing tool to help you with visualizing and staying on track to achieve your goals. It can be easy to cut some pictures out of some things that you’d like, glue them to a piece of paper, and call it a day. Today, we are going to talk about taking your vision boards from ho hum to AMAZING.

Be Intentional.

For starters, sit down and take inventory of what you really want in life. What are the things that are super important to you??? It can also be helpful to have the same talks with the other members of your family to see some of the stuff that is important to them as well. Once you have your values and priorities in order, you can start looking at the list of things you want and find those things that line up with your values and priorities.

Visualize Yourself.

Next take some time to visualize the goal. How will you feel when you own or experience this goal??? Try to make this as vivid as possible. The emotional pull will help you decide how important this is to you. Rank your goals by how drawn to them you feel emotionally. You can do this with your family as well. Even little children will get more excited when they talk about stuff they’d like to do more than other stuff.

Make a Top 10

This could be argued, however I feel it is very important to narrow down your goals and focus on just a few at a time so that you are not overwhelmed and you have a purpose and are not spread to thin. Make a Top 10 for the year and focus on where you want your life to be in the next year. Do not discard any other goals, we will still need those.

Find Amazing Pictures.

Sometimes I think we get stuck on finding amazing pictures. If you have a printer, a good idea can be to do a Google search on the topic, and print out amazing pictures that not only represent your goals, but also the emotions you will feel when you experience this goal.

Pick the Perfect Background.

What is your favorite color??? Do you like glitter, or sparkle??? Make sure you use a background that is pleasing for you to look at. Make this fun and it will be a much more enjoyable exercise and you’ll love the results.

Design Your Board.

Spend some time with your pictures and words arranging and rearranging them until you find the layout you love. Take a picture if you can, so you remember where things are (as mom’s we can’t always get through something start to finish with no interruptions).

Finish Your Board.

I like to use rubber cement to glue things like this together, just in case I make a mistake it is much easier to fix it. Once you have all your pictures where you want them, consider using markers, or glitter, or other embellishments to finish your masterpiece.

Hang it Up.

Now that you have your finished creation, find a place for it in the room you spend the most time in. If you want it in your office, but you aren’t in there as much as you are in the kitchen or living room, you can take pictures and print them out to put in other areas of your house. The point to having a vision board is to be able to see it to keep yourself on track, make this easy for you by keeping it in a place where you will be the most.

So that is my How to on creating a vision board. Do you create vision boards??? Did I leave any tips out??? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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