Blogmas Day 4: Our Weekend

Welcome to Day 4 of Blogmas 2017. I’m super excited to give you just a glimpse into our weekend,

This weekend was a lot of downtime.


we did some math & science lessons, and then had appointments in the afternoon. It was also the first day Zippy Apple our Elf on the Shelf came.




We got up and found Miss Zippy and a note about the days activities.

We got a bag full of toys to donate.

Here they are painting the Christmas Tree.

And here it is up before the decorations.


We got up and got breakfast and then the girls got to work on puppets.

The tree is all finished


Work time for me, then…

Puppet Show:


And there you have it. A look at our weekend. Come back tomorrow for day 5 of Blogmas 2017

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