Blogmas Day 2: Old vs. New Traditions

As a child, I used to dream about having kids one day. Holidays were very special times for me growing up, and I wanted to pass down sooo many traditions to my kids. Having children with high or special needs can make those traditions much more difficult than you remembered growing up. This is why I am comparing old and new traditions to make our holidays amazing.

Old Traditions

I can remember being young and looking forward to the advent calendar my mom made. It was a super cute angel with fabric pockets. Each day there was a little slip of paper with a different activity to do each day. It could be making Christmas cards, or a paper chain, or decorating the tree, there was always something fun to look forward to.

Another memory I have was of all the homemade items at Christmas time. Every year I made Christmas cards, and we added to our ornament collection each year with new paper punch out ornaments. As I got older, there were bread dough ornaments and more intricate Christmas cards made.

One of my absolute favorite holiday traditions was taking the train to downtown Chicago to see the window displays and the huge Christmas tree in Marshal Fields. There was so much magic in the hustle and bustle of the shops in Chicago, and amazing displays that brought the Christmas magic to life.

With all these memories, it’s hard to not want to pass on all of these amazing memories to my kiddos. When I was a “new mom” I had so many grand plans for holidays, It was hard when things didn’t seem as “magical” with my girls. This brings me to New Traditions.

New Traditions

These days, there is even more commercialism aimed at our kids than there was when I was a child (and there was quite a bit back then, anyone remember Cabbage Patch or Teddy Ruxpin???). I was on the fence for a while about that darn “Elf on the Shelf”. However I am pleased to announce that our elf Zippy Apple will be making her 3rd annual appearance this year. In our house, we use the elf as an advent calendar, bringing new projects and activities each day as well as Acts of Kindness daily.

Acts of Kindness is another new tradition. I am working on teaching the girls the real meaning of holiday spirit and that giving is always an amazing feeling. Our elf brings an easy to do act of kindness in addition to an activity or project. Talk about a way to mix old and new traditions.

Another new traditions is the Christmas Eve Box. It is a large box that is wrapped and contains Christmas PJ’s and a new Christmas movie, popcorn and hot cocoa to enjoy the evening before Santa comes.

So there you have it, traditions both old and new. What were your favorite holiday traditions? What are your favorite new holiday traditions? I’d love to hear about them in the comments, and be sure to come back tomorrow for Day 3 of Blogmas 2017

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