What is the "New Normal"

When you become a parent, there are some things everyone tells you. They give you advice like sleep when baby sleeps, and you'll never know true love until you hold your child in your arms for the first time. What they don't tell you, is how having a child with any type of disability can change your whole outlook on life, forever. Once you get a diagnosis, often, there is a grieving process that happens as you start to adjust to your "New Normal". Our hope is that we can guide you into a new normal of fun and hope, laughter and tears, but most importantly, where you will still thrive instead of just survive.

Our Story

This story is dedicated to Nicholas C Cox 7/20/78-12/26/18 

When Nick and I had our first baby, we were over the moon excited!!! As she got older, we started to notice subtle differences in her development. By the time she was 5 she had both an ADHD and Autism diagnosis.

We spent a long time living in survival mode, barely holding on and just hoping we could make it to the next day without falling apart. Journey to the "New Normal" was created as a way to share my tips and tricks with other families struggling, and to document our progress at thriving in our "New Normal"


 Meet the Team

Over the last 6 months, Journey has undergone a restructuring. We are pleased to introduce you to the team that now makes Journey to the "New Normal" what it is...


Kimberly #IronMom Cox

Founder & CEO Cohost Journey Parenting Podcast & Host of Journey Mental Health Podcast

Kimberly is a mom of 2 little girls, one who was diagnosed with ADHD and Autism. She is also passionate about personal development and mental health and enjoys watching her dream life unfolding right before her eyes.

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Nicole #BatMom Mejias

Cohost Journey Parenting Podcast

#boymom #asdmom #bulldogmom #dragonmom #batmanobsessed #horrorobsessed #vettech I. Am. BatMom.

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Cailey Culbertson

Social Media Manager

Mom of 2 little girls. Working hard to make her dream life come true.

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