A New Beginning: Gratitude and Authenticity



Welcome to the BRAND NEW blog. When I first started blogging, I wanted to help people. I always knew our life was different, and my hope was to build a community of those of us in the same boat, those of us looking for our “new normal”. I have tried all different approaches and all different directions, however, what I really didn’t try was sheer authenticity. Sure, I would talk about real life, and give glimpses into our life, but there was always a facade of sorts that was made to help me be “professional”. Now, I’m not saying that being “professional” is a bad thing, but I’m not some super mega professional person. I am a real mom with real struggles (both in my personal life and as a parent) who wants to help other parents in similar situations. My goal has always been to rally around our special families and pull them up into the spotlight that they deserve.

These last couple of months have been hard on our family, and I sort of drifted away. I needed time to process the new evaluations we were given, and wrap my head around how to proceed. I am starting to realize, for our family, flexibility is a must. Being able to pick and choose our schedule and our priorities has been a huge help in these last couple of months. While we are working on some more structured times ahead, I’m excited that we are finally finding people who understand that novelty and flexibility are super important.

So, now that I have been super vague about what we have been through in the past couple of months and a mini update of sorts, let’s talk about the blog going forward. Going forward I will be bringing you a whole lot of my own thoughts and feelings on our life and our journey, some tips and tricks, and I will also be highlighting 1 amazing family a month who will get to tell their story on their journey thus far. Building a community that lifts each other up and helps each other out is what I feel called to do in life, and I am super thankful everyday for this amazing calling.

My plan is to post twice a week to give some encouragement at the beginning of the week and to celebrate the wins at the end of the week. I’m looking forward to this new chapter and all the great friends I will meet along the way.




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